Iso Seal Thermal is a special roof coating with unique properties used to insulate roof tiles. Iso Seal Thermal is based on Thermo-Stabilising binding agents with high adhesive power and U.V. stabilisers and the latest generation of special insulating ceramic pigments used in the space industry for heat proof and insulating coatings.

• 100% pure acrylic resin for best perfomance
• Over 30 years history in roofcoating manufacture
• 5 year manufacturer product guarantee
• Life expectancy in excess of 10 years
• Water and dirt repellant
• High spreading rate 90-100 sq mtrs per 20ltr drum
• Can be applied direct to clay roof tiles (has an inbuilt primer)


• Fully certified insulating roof coating
• Proven insulating properties
• ISO 9001 quality control certified
• ISO 14001 environmental control certified

How we meet and exceed norms:
Adhesive strength in accordance withDIN EN ISO 4624
Elongation at tear/tensile strength in accordance with DIN 53 504
Water vapour permeability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783-2
Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1062-3
Short and outdoor weathering exposure in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-3, DIN 53 166 andDIN EN ISO
  2810. No change in durability and negligible changes in shine and colour.
Resistance against flying embers, sparks and radiating heat in accordance DIN 4102 Part 7

Continuous testing and development
Isonit meets and exceeds norms for protection against UV radiation, pollution and temperature
deviation on the roof. Iso Paint Nordic will continuously test and develop Isonit and the rest of our coating solutions in close coorporation with leading laboratories in Europe.

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