masonry protection cream.

When mineral building materials come into contact with water, the amount absorbed depends on their porosity.

The result is damage in various forms, including:

• Penetration of moisture through the wall
• Cracks due to swelling and shrinkage
• Damage caused by frost and de-icing salts
• Efflorescence and salt damage caused by hydration and crystallisation
• Lime leaching
• Rust stains
• Dirt pick-up
• Attack by fungi, moss, lichen and algae
• Chemical erosion
• Impairment of the surfaces thermal Insulation properties ...fortunately the above problems can be overcome with
   the use of Ecocoat Isodry.

Masonry Protection Cream - designed for brick, stone and concrete. Dries clear. It is also:

• Water repellent exterior masonry coating
• Self-cleaning
• Creates a dry building
• Eliminates damp
• Energy saving, reduces heat loss
• Hydrophobic coating, shuts out water ingress through masonry walls
• Breathable
• 15-20 year lifespan
• Reduce thermal heatloss by up to 59%

"It is a proven fact that wet walls transfer heat twice as quickly as dry walls.
The wetter the wall the more energy has to be expended to obtain an ambient room temperature of 20°C."

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