allows damp in exterior walls to breath out, allowing more efficient heating/cooling of the building.

The problem

Whether the construction industry is restoring, modernising or erecting new buildings, it is fighting a constant battle against building decline.

Water has always been and remains the most common source of serious damage in ancient and modern buildings because it transports harmful substances and microorganisms into the very heart of the structure, where they can cause the most damage.

Salt effervescence and erosion also plays a major part in the decline of buildings, reducing structures to rubble.

• Protects exterior walls against erosion by salt and other pollutants
• Long life span 15–20 years
• Reduce heating bills
• Fully breathable system
• Water and dirt repellent
• Simple, fast and easy application
• Solvent-free/ ecological properties
• Reduce carbon footprint
• Reduce thermal heatloss by up to 56%

"It is a proven fact that wet walls transfer heat twice as quickly as dry walls.
The wetter the wall the more energy has to be expended to obtain an ambient room temperature of 20°C."

The ultimate in unique NANO technology. Which has changed the technology world. Protect and insulate your exterior walls and see the difference.

Silicone Façade achieves a long life span of between 15–20 years because of the use of Inorganic pigments, hydrophobicity (no water) and chemical bonding to the surface.

Dirt particles with an extremely reduced contact area are picked up by water droplets and are easily cleaned off the surface.

Low volume permeability gives a water proof surface High water vapour diffusion allows moisture to breathe out

Resistance to salt effervescence and other pollutants...

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